Live Patient Clinics

Live Patient Clinics at AIDA Colorado
An AIDA student learns hands-on assisting a licensed dentist in AIDA’s onsite clinic

Get Practical Experience Treating Real Patients

AIDA is the only school in Indiana to offer live patient clinics so you know you’re getting the best hands-on experience possible. What better way to learn all the skills necessary to become a dental assistant than doing them in the field under the careful guidance of our experienced faculty?

No plastic dummies here!

Other dental assisting schools tout their “hands on” experience – but what do they mean?

Hands-on a text book?

Hands-on a dental dummy?

Hands-on an impression tray?

Don’t be misled by schools claiming to be “hands-on” when they are not!

At the American Institute of Dental Assisting, all students assist licensed Dentists performing live procedures on actual live patients—not on plastic dummies! (Reading out of a textbook does not prepare a student to assist like actually doing it.)

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