The AIDA Difference

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A Tradition of Dental Assisting Career Success

What sets American Institute of Dental Assisting apart? Our connection to the dental industry.

Dr. Robert J. Ueber , a prominent practicing dentist, recognized a need in the dental industry. As the employer of many dental assistants, Dr. Ueber consistently saw dental assisting graduates enter his office without the necessary experience.  He recognized the need for a school that provided real-world, hands-on training so aspiring dental assistants could learn the skills they need to provide excellent dental assisting services before they enter the field.

Dr. Ueber established AIDA In Fort Wayne on the belief that dental assisting could and should be taught under the guidance of licensed dentists and in a working dental clinic setting. He continues to be the owner and director of the school in Fort Wayne Indiana.

Keeping the school private provides a unique advantage for AIDA students. By not being run by a large corporation, Dr. Ueber and the staff at AIDA are able to completely customize the curriculum to fit the needs of modern dental assisting students and keep their focus completely on the goal of providing top-quality dental assisting education in a supportive setting.

The tuition at the American Institute of Dental Assisting is as much as two-thirds less than other dental assisting schools in the area! Get a better education, in less time for less money!

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